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Zito Prilep AD - Prilep as a producer of bread and white goods placing its products through retail network in the city and through its own shops - dairy restaurants. The goal is constant and uninterrupted supply to consumers of bread and bakery products in the territory of Prilep and Bitola.

The company has the following production capacities:

1. Own a mill to grind grain and flour production

2. Factory production of animal feed

3. Bakery for bread and white goods

The entire production is carried out according to the highest standards and most modern machines, so apply tested and proven technologies and practices in manufacturing of many kinds of bread and more than 100 types of baked goods.

The quality of raw materials used for production of bread and white goods with the highest standards are confirmed in our own modern laboratory and relevant domestic and foreign institutions. The company is among the first in the region to have implemented the HACCP system for safety control in the production of all food produced, and this is confirmed by the Certificate Management System according to HACCP producing bread according to the procedures of certification house TUV AUSTRIA CERT Austria and certification, so it is subject to regular surveillance audits.

Taking care of our customers, in order to meet their wants and needs is only one part of the strategy for social responsibility of our company. Therefore, all of our customers, are encouraged to contact or visit us to express their wishes and opinions about our products. Only in this way, together, we will contribute to a healthy population and healthy and happy generations.


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Zito Prilep AD Prilep
7500, Prilep
Office 048 428 744
Bakery 048422-036 / 048 523 920